Wanted to make you aware of some of our coupons and free stuff if you are interested in cornrows, tree braids, kinky twists, nubian twists, dreadlocks, comb twists, micro braids, big braids, the list goes on and on. You may call us to inquire about more hairstyles and promotions. Talk to you soon!
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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX
1921 Cedar Bend Dr - Austin TX 78758 - (512) 686-8011
Now Located At Metric Place Shopping Center
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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX

 Words & Opinions

De Biester wrote on 10. Feb. 2008 - 23:37
thanks for a great braiding experience. I love the tree braids. *Comment from Google Checkout* - "This seller was excellent. I have become a repeat costumer."
Cynthia wrote on 7. Jan. 2008 - 21:47
Thanks SO MUCH for the braids!! They are AWESOME!!! Now all I need to do is lose some weight!!! I feel great in the braids!!!
Sam Willis wrote on 29. Nov. 2007 - 00:13
Hey Nonye,
As usual...I have received sooo many compliments on my hair. It looks great!! See you in about 3 weeks.
Danielle wrote on 16. Nov. 2007 - 23:54
Hey i love how you do hair i need you to hook a sista up.lol
Brittany wrote on 30. Oct. 2007 - 18:22
This is Brittany. Do you remember me? I was the 6 hour, long kinky twist customer on a Sunday? I hope you do.
Brittany wrote on 30. Oct. 2007 - 18:21
My twists are still up and I love them so much!! You did such a wonderful job.
Monique wrote on 10. Oct. 2007 - 02:57
I saw your ad on a blog that I read daily. I was very surprised that it said Austin, TX (where I live). I had been looking for a salon to get hair braided. I liked the look of your website.
Monique wrote on 10. Oct. 2007 - 02:55
The pictures were high quality and I never knew there were so many types of braids. I'm interested in the tree braids. How much for short hair (just above shoulders)?
Chaka wrote on 24. Sep. 2007 - 02:16
Hey Nonye! I have gotten lots of compliments on my tree braids. I love them! You did a wonderful job. I'm happy for you that you have now moved to your salon...I will definitley keep in touch with you to have my hair done
Tj wrote on 18. Sep. 2007 - 18:00
She does good work and is professional. I recommend her very highly.
Semone Jones wrote on 29. Aug. 2007 - 20:49
Ms. Kemper wrote on 21. Aug. 2007 - 15:04
Good morning Nonye. I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to work on my hair. I know it was horrible and with your help it will never be like that again. My hair turned out great.
Sharon wrote on 15. Aug. 2007 - 02:00
Nonye, your work is spectacular. Thank you for what you did for my daughter. I shall be calling you soon for my own appointment. Thanks!
Tina Kennedy wrote on 14. Aug. 2007 - 22:29
Nonye, You did such a beautiful job on my braids. Everyone was asking about them. I've been giving your name (even though I have a problem pronouncing it) and # out. Good luck and much success!
Keisha wrote on 8. Aug. 2007 - 18:57
You are the best in Texas, Thanks for boosting my beauty...

Austin, TX
Owner wrote on 8. Oct. 2006 - 18:26
Welcome to our salon - feel free to sign our house book - Thanks!
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1921 Cedar Bend Dr , Austin TX 78758 USA Metric Place Shopping Center
(512) 686-8011

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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX