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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX
1921 Cedar Bend Dr - Austin TX 78758 - (512) 686-8011
Now Located At Metric Place Shopping Center
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Nonye Hair Braiding - Austin, TX


All Natural braid, weave, twist and lock work by licensed hair braiding specialist. Work can be performed on all types of hair and all people - Asian, Black, Hispanic, White, etc. Permed hair, natural hair, Afro, etc. Everyone is welcome.

Services Provided:

Weaves - Sew-in Weaves; Partial and Full

Braids - Tree Braids, Micro Braids,Crochet Braids, Invisible Braids, Pixie Braids, Fish Braids, , Box Braids, Bob Braids

Cornrows - Feed-in Cornrows (or No-Knot Cornrows), Ordinary Cornrows, Goddess Braids, Fishtail Braids.

Twists - Kinky Twists, Senegalese Twists, Marley or Havana Twist, Flat Twists, Nubian Twists, Spring Twists, Yarn Twists, Human hair twists

Dreadlocks – Starting Dreadlocks, Dreadlock Maintenance, Silky Dreads, Dreadlock Extensions, Comb Coils, Tool Locking, Loc Styling, Loc Repair, Loc Crimping, Faux locs.

Natural Hair: Two Strand Twists, Twist-Outs, Straw Set, Flat Twists, Bantu Knots, Rod Set, Natural Hair Updo.

 Braid shampoo, Touch-ups and refresh, etc

  Natural Hairstyles
For those of us that just want to wear our own hair, the choices are limitless. Choose between comb coils, flat twists, 2 strand twists, twist outs, bantu knots, mohawks, and straw sets all with your own natural hair. Whether you are going for trendy or corporate look, we have the style for you.
Check out our gallery for some creative natural hair styling.
Braids come in different styles, sizes, lengths. Lately some of the most popular ones have been the beyonce-inspired box braids. Braiding times are equally as varied, expect between 2 - 8 hours depending on size and length. As our goal is to your grow hair while in braids, we take extreme measures especially around your edges, where hair is naturally weaker, to ensure that it is neither too small nor too tight.
  Twists And Locs
Twists are versatile and trendy and come in different styles. Choose between the shorter fuller look of the , puffy twists, Nubian twist, sista twists, to the longer sleek look of the Senegalese twists. Whatever you decide our aim is for you to receive endless compliments because of our high quality work
We specialize in many different techniques of starting new dreads and maintenance. The technique used depends on the client\'s hair length, texture, and thickness. The result is neat, well groomed locs.
We have more twist and loc hairstyles coming. Keep tuned to Nonye Hair Braiding

Our braiding speed and expertise greatly impacts our proficiency when it comes to creating the most natural looking weaves. Whether you have thick hair or thinning and bald spots, we have several weaving techniques that are tailored to suit your needs. Which technique we use simply depends on the status of our client’s hair as well as the look they desire. Let us help you enhance the beauty you already possess.
Reiterating, all cornrows are not created equal. There are feed-in (no-knot) and there are with-knot cornrows and the looks are miles apart. Our no-knot cornrow technique creates the most natural looking cornrow, because we start with your own hair and gradually feed in hair. This prevents pulling and breakage and promotes healthy hair.
  Kid's Gallery
As you can see from the pictures in the kids gallery, adults are not the only ones that leave Nonye Hair Braiding smiling, we specialize in making school aged children happy too. We are meticulous, light handed, patient and highly skilled in dealing with your kids tender head. In case you are wondering what that means, it means that your child might fall asleep while getting her hair braided.

  Wedding And Events
Find inspiration for your Wedding and events
  Crochet Braids
We dedicated this Album to crochet braids because they are a great protective style. There is no limit to what style we can achieve with crochet braids . Only Your imagination is the limit, so click on this album to see our creativity.
  Picture of me doing tree braids on my hair
We even have expert help for those who don\'t fancy paying people to get their hair done. Just visit us, get our service, and ask us questions on how you can go about maintaining the hairstyle on your own. We will glad tell you what to do. We are not stingy; we are all here for one another. Thank you for supporting us thus far!

Walk-ins & Appointments Welcome.

1921 Cedar Bend Dr , Austin TX 78758 USA Metric Place Shopping Center
(512) 686-8011

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