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10 Reasons To Choose Us

10 Reasons To Choose Us

10 Reasons To Choose Us

10 Reasons To Choose Us

Your hair is your crown and here at Nonye Hair Braiding Salon, all of our clients are treated like royalty.
When choosing to spend your time and money with a hair salon, it is only right that you are accommodated in every way.
Here are 10 reasons why you should allow us to be your preferred salon of choice.

 1. Flexible hours
We realize your time is valuable, so we offer flexible hours to fit our client’s busy schedules. We also take evening and Sunday clients (by appointment only) because we understand that you have to work.  No need to worry about remembering your appointment time because we provide reminders through telephone, e-mail or text message.

2. Reliable and experienced
For almost 9 years, Nonye Hair Braiding has served Austin, and its surrounding city, so you can count on our experienced team to be there for your hair needs. All of our stylists our licensed and continue to better their craft every year.  We have been tried and tested and have been recognized as reliable.

3. Quality service
Our salon is very spacious and relaxing, and our staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  We aim to make every client happy, and we do this by prioritizing timeliness, cleanliness and quality service.  We take special notice of all our client’s needs to make sure that we cater to their requests.

4. Pace Setter
When it comes to braids and natural hair care, we set the pace here in Austin. We are the first to introduce trendy styles like the ombre twists, banana cornrows, jumbo twists and a lot more in Austin. We research to find out what hairstyle is in trend, and we try it out on our models before introducing it to our clients. Our website and social media is constantly updated with photo shoots and variety of styles done at our shop, so if you need style ideas, click on our gallery.

5. Educate
Healthy hair education is our number one priority. We frequently learn healthy hair practices, and in turn, we educate our clients and the public on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Every couple of months, we host seminars at our salon to inform our clients about new healthy hair discoveries.
Our social media profile is constantly filled with tips and tricks on hair care and maintenance. Check out our blog, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest and YouTube for hair care tips and inspiration.

6. Creative
We are not only knowledgeable about hair, we are also very creative and innovative, to the point of creating our own styles. We are committed to providing you with the latest techniques and designs. Our clients already have style and beauty and our creativity helps to reveal the glamour that we see in every one of them.

7. Affordable
While we don’t profess to be the cheapest salon in Austin, we do take pride in providing solid value for your money. We realize that sometimes being too cheap ends up costing too much in the long run, so instead of cutting corners, we proactively make suggestions that are cost effective. We provide quality hair with most of our service in order to give you the hairstyle you desire at a price you can afford. Click here to see a list of the hair and products we use.
Every month you’ll also be offered at least 2 specials to make looking after yourself more affordable than ever.

8. Customer care
We develop and maintain relationships with our clients by listening to them. We also offer free personalized consultation on your desired results, and customized approach to achieve your goal. We strive to provide superior treatment in a friendly atmosphere.

9. We give back to the community
We are supportive of community charities and events, and we extend our support whenever needed in the community.  We are proud to support both national and local charities, such as Little Helping Hands and YWCA Greater Austin.

10. We can’t wait to meet you!
What are you waiting for? Book your appointment today to see the best side of you. When it comes to your hair, only the best gets to play in there.


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