Nonye Hair Braiding





Do hot oil and deep conditioning treatment to your hair before putting in braids. This is to restore moisture and to ensure that your hair and scalp are strong enough to handle the extra weight and tension of the braids\

Do not shampoo your braids for the first 10 days. Let your style set and your scalp ease into your braids. To shampoo your braids, dilute your shampoo with water to enable it flow through your braids

Pay extra attention to your edges. They are usually the weakest part of the hair so make sure it is not braided too tight or too small. Also, ask to leave out the soft wisps of hair closest to your face. Keep it conditioned after installing the braids.

Get a touchup around your edges every 6 weeks to prevent your hairline from breaking, and refresh your hairstyle.

Moisturize your hair daily. Your hair needs to be cared for with a water- based moisturizer of your choice

Do not put your braids in tight ponytails as it breaks off your around the edges. Make sure your braids are pulled back loosely for up-styles.

Tie a satin scarf at night or sleep in a satin pillow to prevent frizziness. Braid up your braids in large sections if you used wavy hair in order not to mess up the waves before putting on your satin scarf or bonnet.

Dry shampoo is recommended for some styles .Keep your scalp clean by using a dry shampoo as needed..

Do not leave your hairstyles longer than 3 months. Hair starts to lock after 3 months and you could experience breakage while trying to detangle..

Treat your edges with natural oils like castor oil, etc.