About Nonye & Salon

Nonye began hair braiding as a side hustle while she was studying at the university in Nigeria. Creative, proficient, and passionate about her craft, Nonye had mastered hair braiding and could teach others about hair care and hairstyling. She has been able to establish herself as a successful business owner over the past 15 years in the greater Austin area.


Nonye was on the path towards a career in finance, before relocating to the United States. She then decided to merge her interest in hair care and extensive background in finance to create NONYE HAIR BRAIDING. She always loved working with hair, and it was wonderful knowing that her passion became a way of making people feel confident. She especially loved creating unique hairstyles, allowing clients to express themselves through their hair.


Nonye has an extensive background in higher education. Her master’s degree in Business Administration has helped her broaden her knowledge in running a successful hair salon.

She also trained as a Mind Education instructor at the International Mind Education Institute. This has helped her strengthen her analytical skills, innate creativity, and focus on the customer experience which has translated to neat and flattering braids styles perfectly suited for each of her customer’s needs.


Today she considers her vast knowledge and education to be the key to her success. Nonye prides herself in how hard she has worked over the years, and her ability to be inspired by diverse African braiding techniques, and the chic styles of the Black American community. This distinctive edge and her enormous talent have led to the success of Nonye Hair Braiding Salon.