1.   How do I schedule an appointment? 
   We make appointment scheduling very easy by giving you, our customers, several options. You can call, text, email and use our social media handles. Please be prepared to give us an idea of the length and size of your desired style, and if possible, include an attached picture.
  1.  What is your deposit policy?
A $30 minimum, nonrefundable deposit is required to guarantee your appointment. Clients without deposits will be serviced based on our availability. Deposits are compulsory for clients with two consecutive cancellations. If you make a deposit and are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact us within 24hrs of the appointment. We offer a one-time deposit transfer to a different day of availability.
3 What is the cancellation policy for appointments?
 Our time is valuable, so please make sure to provide 24-hour notice if you're unable to make it to your appointment.
  1. Do you have a price list?
Yes, we do have a price list. We are happy to provide you with a price for the desired style when you are certain of the desired length and size.  Nonye Hair Braiding has an in-house customized price list that we will be happy to share with our clients via messaging.
  1. How do I prepare for my appointment?  
We advise clients to have their hair shampooed and blow-dried before their appointment. Let us know if you would need additional services like a takedown, shampoo, or detangle prior to your appointment so that we can be prepared.  Arrive on time and please confirm your braid size, length, and desired hair color(s) with the receptionist or stylist.
  1. Do you accept walk-ins?
Walk-ins are accepted based on stylist availability, but priority is given to clients with appointments. Please schedule an appointment to ensure that you have a stylist ready for you, 
  1. Do you provide phone or in-person consultations?
We provide both. Consultations are necessary for certain hairstyles, and for clients with thinning hair to help them choose the right hairstyle for them.  
  1. What type of hair do you provide?
We do provide synthetic hair for braiding, and twisting in a wide variety of colors, and at no additional cost except when noted for certain styles. We also have human hair for weaving and braiding available for sale on our website (add website link). Clients are also welcomed to come with their own hair but please consult with us prior to your appointment on the hair you intend on purchasing.
  1. Which mode of payment do you accept?
Nonye Hair braiding accepts cash. We accept deposit payment through PayPal. Please we do not accept personal checks.
  1. How long will it typically take to braid my hair?
It depends on the style you are looking to achieve. At Nonye Hair braiding, we strive to get the clients out the door within 1 to 4 hours depending on the style. However, some styles may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask that you please be patient with us as our goal is to provide good service.
  1. How do I maintain my hair while in braids?
Make sure your braids are not installed tightly and that your edges are left out. At Nonye Hair Braiding, we value healthy hair, and will not put your natural hair at risk for any style. Moisturize your hair while in braids and wrap your braids up at night. We also recommend getting a touchup on your braids at 4- 6 weeks and not leaving your braids in longer than 10 weeks. 
It is NOT advisable for our clients to wash their braids excessively as water loosens the braids and causes frizz. Instead, you can use a dry shampoo to keep your scalp clean and shampoo your braids when you come into the salon for a touchup at 4 - 6 weeks. 
  1. What if I don’t like my hair?
Nonye Hair Braiding and your service provider want you to be happy and satisfied with our service and gladly accept the opportunity to make things right if the need arises. There are no refunds for hair services rendered, so any dissatisfaction in services must be expressed within 7 days of the service and the Client must return to the salon within 7 days so that work may be visually inspected. At that time, we will make every effort to correct any challenges to your satisfaction.
  1.  I have more questions, who do I talk to?
Do you have questions we didn’t answer? Give us a call or send us an email.
We will love to talk with you and answer all your question in more detail.
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